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Richard's Remarks

Despite the problems in the world of bees, I just received a bottle of honey from my old friend Gary “Honeybee” Shilling. Gary believes that we’re in an era of deleveraging and deflation, but despite all that I gather that Gary’s bees are producing.


On another subject, I note that Lockheed Martin is looking for a partner for its proposed fusion reactor. Scientists have been working to produce a fusion reactor for years, and now Lockheed Martin states that it’s solved the problem of fusion. If this is true, it would be huge development, and in fact a world changer.  A fusion reactor can produce elecricity and render antiquated almost all our current forms of energy such as oil, coal, wind, etc. Lockheed’s claim may be a fantasy but the market doesn’t think so. The chart below shows 10 years of Lockheed action and what’s this? The stock has tripled since 2009. ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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