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Richard's Remarks

Yesterday’s market action was outstandingly friendly toward the precious metals. At last, I consider that gold has completed a major base. I’ll be surprised if we see gold descend again to test its supported at 1100. As for myself, I have placed most of my assets in physical gold and silver on the assumption that over any extended period of time silver and gold will retain their purchasing power.


What if John Williams’ prediction of hyperinflation comes true? If Williams is correct, the US dollar will crash, and silver and gold, in terms of dollars, will rocket higher. Frankly I am not interested in establishing profits in the precious metals, I simply would like to retain my purchasing power. I ask myself, what would happen to stocks in the event of hyperinflation? I’m afraid that all things denominated in dollars would likely crash with the dollar. But don’t sell your house yet, ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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