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Richard's Remarks

Subscribers have probably noted the new optimistic Richard Russell. I am influenced by Louise Hay and Emmet Fox, both of whom tend to see the bright side of things. I truly believe that optimism is the healthy side of the equation, whereas pessimism and negativity lead to pain and unhappiness. What you give out comes back to you in many ways; if not immediately, then in the course of time. 


After finishing yesterday’s site, I traveled to Encinitas to visit a Chinese herbalist name Dr. Gary Chen. He read my tongue and pulse and asked me a lot of questions about myself.  Then he gave me some custom-prescribed Chinese herbal tea which I’m supposed to drink three times a day.  He suggested that the tea will help alleviate anxiety. As subscribers know, I favor peace of mind as the most important gift we can receive in this lifetime.


As Emmet Fox says, 


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