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Richard's Remarks

In the face of the trillions of dollars that have been created over recent years, it’s surprising that so few analysts have considered the possibility of out-of-control hyperinflation..


If the US does move into hyperinflation there is a very easy way to protect yourself from a crash in the dollar and rocketing prices in all areas. I discussed this briefly on yesterday’s site. Ironically the best way to protect yourself from hyperinflation is through the lowly and hated gold miners. Many of these are cheap, despised, and forming bases. When an item is cheap and hated and appears to be forming a base, it is worth studying.


The chart below shows an item that is detested and probably statistically cheap. GDXJ is below its blue 50-day moving average with stands at 36.76. According to the RSI, GDXJ is oversold. The first suggestion of a reversal to the upside will be a closing price of ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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