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Richard's Remarks

Europe in recession, Chinese housing market sagging, Russian ruble sinking, money from around the world rushing into the US dollar as a safe haven.


I cannot believe that the US is on the eve of destruction. The US with its great constitution is the beacon of freedom and democracy on the planet. Happily, the stock market agrees with me. I have the sense that some miraculous event lies ahead of us. But frankly, I don’t have any idea what this event could be.


From the optimistic standpoint, I see that China and Japan are talking together in a peaceful manner. I see that the Ukraine situation is simmering down. I see that Putin has no intention of starting a war.


My secret guess is that by the grace of God the drums of war have been silenced. Wars will be seen, not as romantic adventures, but as gruesome periods of insane human savagery.


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