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Richard's Remarks

A Russell prediction: Within 25 years, women will be running the world. Consider this, the most important person in Europe is Angela Merkel, who heads Germany. In South America, a woman named Dilma Rousseff  heads the enormous nation of Brazil. Janet Yellen, who heads the Fed, is arguably the most important person in the US. And perhaps Hillary will become our next president.


Women now attend more universities than men. Women now receive more advanced degrees. As their husbands die and leave them money, women will be wealthier than men.


Women are softer, kinder and less aggressive than men. A world led by women will be friendlier and less prone to war than our current world which revels in nonstop wars.



Rising dollar, sinking oil, Ukraine, QE gone, drought in California. Take your choice – candy or poison -- this bull market still runs the same way: a little sell signal with no follow through. ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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