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Richard's Remarks

The Dow and Transports both closed at new record highs, with the S&P and NASDAQ also closing higher. Precious metals are not faring well today, with gold at 1151, down 18. My feeling is that gold is deep into its basing area.


Money continues to move into the US dollar as a safe haven. In the big picture, the world continues to deleverage and deflate, which in the end may force the Fed to revive QE, but probably under a different name. 



Personal: If you’re on the spiritual path, you know that on this trip to earth, you are supposed to address a personal problem.


Last night I viewed a nature program on animal birth and I noted that in the case of each animal, including fish, the newborns stayed close to their mothers. As an infant, I never had this comfort, although I realize that my mother did her best. As ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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