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Richard's Remarks

It’s been 69 years since WWII ended. I guess we’re now far away enough so that we can look at its horrors. There aren’t many of us combat veterans left, (actually I believe fewer than half the military personnel in WWII actually saw combat). That notwithstanding, I’ve decided to see a new WWII film titled Fury starring Brad Pitt. A motorcycling buddy is going to plop me into a wheelchair and wheel me into the theater.


Speaking of combat, people have asked me what my thought was upon first entering combat. My first thought, referring to the Germans, was “These bastards are trying to kill me.” Believe it or not, for me and my ilk, that’s a shocking and disturbing thought. It made me think that there are two kinds of people: those who have been shot at and those who have not faced incoming bullets or flack.


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