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Richard's Remarks

First the panic over Ebola and now the panic over gluten. Gluten only seriously affects people with celiac disease. Only 1% of Americans suffer from Celiac disease, yet non-gluten foods have become a multi-billion dollar business. There is profit to be made from a good panic.


The Japanese expansion of quantitative easing is sending traders out of the yen and into safe haven US dollars.


The Federal Reserve has ended QE3 and now promises to hold short rates at zero for “a considerable period of time.” Thus, it’s up to the central banks of the world to beat back the ominous forces of deflation. It remains to be seen whether a veritable ocean of liquidity can hold back the forces of deleveraging and deflation.


Every nation wants a cheaper currency in the world battle for exports. Oil, the most important of all commodities, is flirting with the price of $80 a barrel. This has taken gasoline to prices under $3.25 a gallon, a ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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