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Richard's Remarks

Yesterday saw the Dow go higher as it took its lead from Federal Reserve optimism. The Russell opinion is that the world is still embedded in the Great Recession. Thus, I am arguing with the stock market. This is risky and perhaps stupid, but it is what I think, and what I think is what I write. Obviously the stock market has taken its lead from the bullish stance held by the Fed. If I am correct in my opinion, in disagreeing with the Fed's optimism, we will see some violent action ahead.



Personal -- Food for thought: To love, respect and cherish oneself is to have an identity. I am afraid that many people in the world lack an identity. To lack an identity is frightening and I believe is the basis for the world’s troubles. If you ask a person in New England, “who or what are you?” they may well reply, “I am ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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