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Richard's Remarks

Ah, it’s been bubbling up from the depths of my unconscious and now I’m remembering. Back in the 1930s when I was a young boy, in the early days of the Great Depression, people were fascinated and obsessed with horror and fear. Those were the days when Hollywood provided the great fear and horror films -- King Kong, Frankenstein, Dracula, Boris Karloff -- The Invisible Man -- in The Premature Burial. In those days horror was a popular theme, just as the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl resonated with people’s feeling of desperation and fearful horror.


But what of today? Are we reliving the days of horror? We have the Saw franchise with its endless scenes of torture and horror. Today the movie screens are filled with the undead and the ghastly, staggering ghouls. We have the vampires and the chainsaw killer, the endless parade of hideous zombies. And now in ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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