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Richard's Remarks

The overall situation is as complicated as I’ve ever seen it. But I’m going against the trend, and I want to keep it simple. Here’s a simple choice: stay on the West Coast and die of thirst or move to the East Coast and die of Ebola. And if you make the trip either way, make sure that none of the passengers on your plane have come from West Africa.


On a more serious subject, the main averages moved higher today, and I think this will provide the Fed with enough courage to shut down QE. However if QE is actually shut down and the stock market falls out of bed on the news, I think the Fed would jump in with QE4. The Fed will not tolerate a collapsing market and deflation, of that I am certain. My stance in holding silver and gold through all these trials and tribulations has ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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