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Richard's Remarks

Subscribers probably wonder why I have included so much of Emmet Fox and Louise Hay in these columns. I started Dow Theory Letters in 1958 as a record of my thoughts and intuitions regarding the markets and my views of life. I grew up as a heathen, a skeptic regarding all religions. About ten years ago, after my third divorce, something steered me to the spiritual path. Since these columns are very personal, and are about my thoughts and progress on this earth, I decided to include the spiritual material along with my comments about the markets. I’m sorry that my turn toward spirituality didn’t come much earlier, but much better late than never. So if you don’t like my spiritual inclusions, just skip them. Read my comments on the markets and the economy.


As for the economy, I suspect that we’ve been hearing an awful lot of propaganda from the Fed ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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