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Matt's Market Insights

During periods of increased market volatility it can be entertaining to watch the headlines and listen to market commentary. There's nothing like back to back to back 200+ point moves in the Dow to rattle investors to their core.


Recent Wall Street Journal articles are a perfect example. One article starts out, "You would have to be crazy to think the stock market isn't crazy." Well then put me in the loony bin. Meanwhile, the headline of another article reads, "A Regular, Run of the Mill, Old Fashioned Normal Stock Market." Not sure I buy into that either, but then again nothing is ever black and white.


How do we explain the incredible gyrations we've seen over the past few days? Here's my take ... (as if you thought you were going to get someone else's).


Investors have become comfortable with what used to be called the Greenspan Put, then renamed to the Bernanke ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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