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Richard's Remarks

I read Emmet Fox for the growth of my spirituality and to get closer to God. I read Louise Hay because she is a genius and has a brilliant way of making difficult and dense theorems easy to understand. I read magazines and newspapers to educate myself about what’s happening in the world. I study the Dow Jones Averages because their action discounts future conditions.


I read The Week and the Christian Science Monitor because they take the place of the old Time magazine and Newsweek magazine in that they explain and review what is happening in the world.


I can’t prove it but I sense that we are at an inflection point in world history. Will the US continue as the beacon of democracy and the policeman to the world? Will China emerge as the new world leader?


The history of the US is a never-ending parade of wars. If the US sinks ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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