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The International Investor

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People’s Republic of China


In all my years in Hong Kong, yesterday was one of the most remarkable. I spent the afternoon walking around the demonstrations; the camaraderie and politeness was amazing. Both young children and students walked up to me constantly offering me food, people were spraying the air with water to cool the protestors down and I saw a woman fanning people as they walked by -- small acts of kindness that one might not observe in the normal frenetic pace of Hong Kong life. This was in stark contrast to the political battle that is transpiring:



One China-based Western diplomat likened the showdown in Hong Kong to a game of chicken. “Two cars speed toward one another,” the diplomat said. “Beijing’s strategy is to throw away the steering wheel so the other party has to swerve away first. It’s like that with full democracy.”’ -- Reuters



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