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Richard's Remarks

Am I a bad American? My daughter signed me up for Facebook and after fooling with it for one day I haven’t looked at my Facebook site since. It’s been two month since I got Facebook and I hesitate to say that I haven’t missed it.


Wait, even worse, I shudder to reveal that I’ve stopped watching football. This is comparable to being an evil atheist. Nobody leaves the NFL in one piece and I was tired of seeing grown men destroy what’s left of their bodies.


No Facebook and no NFL. Can I survive the shock? The only greater shock would be a market crash and I’m bracing myself as I prepare for unknown disasters.


I note that the VIX has been steadily climbing and is now in the 17 range. Thus traders are beginning to protect themselves against the great unknown. I can read the market, but I can’t predict it. As ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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