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Richard's Remarks

Wall Street and the advisory business thrive on activity. In a bear market, as participants are hurt, they leave Wall Street and volume contracts. As volume diminishes, Wall Street comes up with many plans that are aimed to stir up volume. As described on yesterday’s site, advisors feel pressure to recommend stocks to buy. To save themselves, advisors present lists of stocks to buy but always with stop loss orders alongside their buy recommendations. Thus advisors can list their successes and omit their failures. In the end, this procedure leaves subscribers frustrated and poorer.


After living through many bear markets, I’ve learned that the fewer actions you take, the more successful you will be at surviving a bear market. But during a bear market, you must have a place to park your assets. Park your cash in physical silver and gold. If you’re unable to deal with physical silver and gold, my suggestion is ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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