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Strebler's Perspective

Sean Connery probably had mixed feelings about Scotland’s independence vote last week.  His famously fierce Scottish pride was likely tempered by many years as the top agent in Her Majesty’s Secret Service (# 007), loyalty not so readily abandoned.  Perhaps that, not British tax considerations, is the real reason behind his decision to abstain from the vote.  But in any case, his missing ballot made no difference in the relatively lop-sided 55%-45% vote to remain in the union.  Never Say Never Again, however, as perhaps the Scots will take another swing at it a few decades down the road.


I’m reminded of this “never say never” idea by today’s markets.  As gold approaches last year’s double bottoms around $1180 in a fairly over-sold state, I’m thinking “it will probably hold there and we’ll see a good rally, if not the beginning of a bull market.”  Similarly, palladium, the best performing of the ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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