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Chad Karnes

The US dollar has been rallying since early May, and is 6% higher since. This is a really big move in such a short time for the world’s largest currency.


Even though the implications of such a move are astronomical, it has still taken the Wall Street Journal until this weekend to put it on its coveted front page where the cover headline reads, “Resurgent Dollar Fuels Rally.”


One of the main points of the article is how the dollar just broke a 17-year record by rising for nine weeks in a row. But, why did the WSJ just now catch on to the rally that has been going on for five months?


Contrarian Investing


For the typical investor, putting the dollar on the WSJ's cover and talking about how its improvement is driven by better US economics may seem like a reason to buy.


But to the smarter investor aware of sentiment and contrarian signals, this ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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