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Richard's Remarks


Do you wonder why some people are born amidst wealth and happy homes while others are born amidst poverty and unhappy homes? The reason is that we have lived many times before, and some of us will be reincarnated hundreds and even thousands of years from now amidst different times and different civilizations.


Thus the fact is that we are eternal. Our lives on earth are a test period in which we are to advance spiritually. Jesus, the great mystic and prophet, asked us to love one another – love your fellow man as you love yourself. When mankind learns this lesson, it will end wars, end crime, end cruelty and we will live in a new and marvelous world of peace and brotherly love.


What do we learn in reincarnation? The lowly beggar by the side of the road may have been your son in a previous life. The wealthy CEO of a ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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