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Richard's Remarks

Today’s site will be rather unusual. As subscribers know, at this point I am only interested in preserving wealth rather than trying to increase it in this risky market.


My choice for preserving wealth has been physical silver and gold. Since I don’t know what the US government will do in a time of emergency, I prefer having my silver and gold in a nearby foreign country. Mexico has a tradition of confiscation and revolution, so the obvious other choice is our stalwart neighbor to the north —Canada.


One little known stock that fills the bill (one that I’ve recommended over the years) is Central Fund of Canada —CEF. CEF actually owns physical silver and gold in a proportion of roughly 1/3 silver and 2/3 gold. You can read all about it on its website, Central Fund


Interestingly, CEF now sells at a discount from the actual value of its silver and gold holdings.


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