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Matt's Market Insights

I'm going to use this site to try and clarify aspects of the Market Data section that subscribers have inquired about.

The Market Data page, which can be accessed by clicking on "MARKET DATA" from the blue menu bar, is broken into two sections. The first section contains all information relating to Richard's proprietary Primary Trend Index (PTI). The second section contains all other market data. You'll notice that you have to be logged in as an active subscriber to view the PTI information, but any visitor to our site can see the rest of the market data.

On the PTI page, we have recently added the daily PTI information above the PTI charts. You can once again see the Last, Change, Moving Average, and Difference easily in one table at the top of the screen. Beneath this summary table are two charts of the PTI. The top chart looks at the ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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