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Richard's Remarks

The stock market, in its uncanny wisdom, is now nearing record highs. It's no coincidence that the Dow Jones Averages are close to record highs as we enter the new age. In the next ten years we will be living in a different world. It will be a world as different as today's world is different from the medieval ages. Historically, it has taken generations to effect massive changes in the race. This time the changes will be so rapid and sudden that mankind will feel overwhelmed.


The chart below shows the S&P holding fast within a rising channel. Ultimately the S&P will break out above or below the channel. I think the ultimate breakout will be a prelude to a change in history. Stayed tuned.



I had thought that either the Industrials or the Transports would close at new record highs on Friday. However that was not fated to ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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