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Matt's Market Insights

In the investment world, cash carries negative connotations and is frequently viewed with disdain. The dominant view is that if your money is in cash, you aren't earning a return and are one of the poor souls destined to lose all their purchasing power to inflation. In fact, keep too much cash around and you risk being called that dirty five-letter word: a saver!

Considering that 2% inflation cuts the value of the dollar in half every 35 years, it's no wonder why cash is viewed as a losing proposition. It's also no wonder that we all feel like we're constantly paddling upstream, having to put our money at risk just to maintain purchasing power parity.

The desire to not hold cash is so strong that many investors will fire their money managers if the managers maintain too large a cash position in their portfolios. "I'm not paying you to baby-sit ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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