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Richard's Remarks

As subscribers know, one of my favorite topics is peace of mind. In my opinion, no amount of money is worth the loss of peace of mind. If you offered me my choice, a billion dollars or peace of mind, without a second's thought, I would immediately choose blessed peace of mind.

The destroyer of peace of mind is FEAR. The defense against fear is the belief that God is keeping you safe. Being on the spiritual path, I believe that God has been keeping me safe, that I am given what I need to know, and that daily I will receive whatever supplies I need. God is the source, and my business is simply one channel that receives goods from the source.

But what of investing, is there any way of investing and still retaining that elusive peace of mind? One possible method was described in the 1991 book, Beating the Dow, ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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