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Richard's Remarks

Two years ago, San Diego Chargers all pro defensive back, Junior Seau, committed suicide. I was saddened to learn of comic genius, Robin Williams, taking his own life. A friend told me, "I don't understand it. Robin had money, fame, applause and the admiration of millions of people." I answered "I agree, but he lacked one thing: peace of mind." Obviously Robin Williams was depressed. There are two types of depression: reality depression, which might come if you lose your job, and then there's organic depression, which is a fearful disease, and, I think, the reason for most suicides. Organic depression hangs over you like a dark cloud and gives you no peace. There is nothing worse than the pain and anxiety of organic depression. Often, in their agony, these people turn to drugs to relieve them of their awful pain. In the end, they turn to suicide to ultimately end ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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