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Richard's Remarks


The painful story's the same no matter where you read. We're on the edge of the fiscal cliff, and the Prez and the politicians can't agree on what it takes to settle it. Further on we have the debt ceiling which needs to be raised, and guess what -- nobody wants to raise it.


70% of Americans want their elected leaders to compromise to reach a deal on the fiscal cliff. 18% of Americans want their leaders to stick by their principles with no compromise. Gallup poll.


64% say they don't want the government to intervene in states where pot has been legalized by the voters. Gallup poll.


I've placed two charts on this site, and they both comprise a mystery. For instance, the chart below shows the percentage of NYSE stocks above their sensitive 50-day moving averages. "What, me worry?" The latest percentage is 69.93%, a rise from the depths of ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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