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Richard's Remarks


Is there really deflation in the air? Of course, what do you think Bernanke is worried about? Below is a broad picture of the Reuters/Jefferies Commodity Index. We see a picture of three descending tops and the Index falling below both of its moving averages. Conclusion -- there's deflation in the air.




Here's the metal with a PhD. Copper is used in almost everything that's manufactured, and for this reason economists call it Dr. Copper, since when the world is busy, copper tends to head higher. Copper climbed all through 2010 and early 2011, and is now resting at a high plateau.




GDOW, the "Global Dow," has done about the same as copper. The chart shows GDOW above both of its moving averages, and thus, in good shape.






A famous author wrote a story titled, "A diamond as big as the Ritz." Maybe I should write a story, "An apple as big as the ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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