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Daria Russell Doering




Since my dad appeared to be worn out by a stressful court proceeding and too tired to write (though then he revived, as he always does), I decided to pen a few comments, which subscribers can read or ignore … so here goes (not stock market related but business and society related!)


Richard has been watching the Amazon stock lately and commenting on how we “didn’t buy Amazon because we were too busy laughing at Jeff Bezos” (haha, thanks for a chuckle, Dad). This led me to reflect on Amazon and its huge effect on my life.


I remember when someone first told me about Amazon; I can place the date because the person was my son’s second grade teacher, so that was 13 years ago (has Amazon really been in existence that short a time??) I thought the idea of buying books online was ridiculous, laughable. ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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