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Richard's Remarks


I'll tell you the truth -- I'm really tired. Consequently, this is going to be an abbreviated site. It's not my age, it's this stock market and the incredible hodgepodge that I'm dealing with. The whole thing reminds me of the 1937 to 1940 stock market. A market that when studied in retrospect, appears to have been one complex bear market. In fact, 1937 to 1940 was so difficult that I really think it killed the great Dow Theorist, Robert Rhea. In attempting to untangle the 1937 to 1940 affair, I could see by his writing that he was close to losing his mind. But at least he did not have an intrusive Federal Reserve to deal with. Today we don't know whether the market is going up on its own or whether a desperate Ben Bernanke is pouring in another QE.


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