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Richard's Remarks


Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. I saw two of my kids (kids? One is 56 years old). But any time you can see 50% of your children at one time is a bargain for me. And I saw two of my five grandkids. Gad, one is at UCLA and the other (Nina) is taking her SATs for college.


With a bow to the Ivy League, my test of a college experience is how good the teaching was. The best professor I had at NYU was famed professor and philosopher, Sydney Hook. I'll never forget his comment to the effect that the best form of government would be a dictatorship. But there was one catch. The dictator, Hook added, would have to be Jesus. And who can argue with that?


Speaking of Jesus, a subscriber sent me a book which consists of chapters and biographies of Jews who had turned to Jesus, ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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