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Richard's Remarks


Do you want to know about the real Thanksgiving? It wasn't what you think. Go to Google, and click on to "The Real Thanksgiving" by Susan Bates.



I've always been obsessed with books. In fact, I started my business with the help of a book that I found in the great New York public library. It was a book by seminal Dow Theorist, Robert Rhea.



Complaints -- My sister, Kate (she lives in Greenwich, Connecticut) is four years younger than I am. I call her at least twice a day, and we compare infirmities, such as unbalanced walking, dizziness, stiffness, fatigue, and so forth. Kate's answer is that "all my friends have the same complaints." I tell her, "I can't complain -- actually, I never thought I'd live this long." And I look in the mirror and say, "Hey, I don't look that bad -- er, for my age." Besides, I add, "I'm ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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