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Richard's Remarks


Help, I'm alone. Where are my fellow newsletter writers: Stan Weinstein, Garfield Drew, Sir Harry Schultz, Marty Zweig, Chuck Almon, Bob Farrell? They all flew the coop while poor old Richard Russell is still carrying on. Maybe it's because the stock market has become impossible or irrational. I think at any given time, the stock market seems increasingly difficult to figure out.


I think what's needed is a lot of patience. Sooner or later the stock market will show its hand. At this juncture, we have the pressure of world deflation weighing on ALL the markets. Against that, we have the various central banks trying to print us into prosperity and at the same time trying to defeat deflation.


How do you battle deflation? Easy, you print fiat money until deflation backs off and until signs of inflation appear. But what happens when you print to kingdom come, and inflation refuses ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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