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Richard's Remarks


The trillion-dollar question remains -- are we in a primary bear market or are we just in a correction? If you're not on the fence on this one, then you don't know what's happening. The normal way to answer this question is to wait. Wait for what? Wait to see whether the market or most of the averages and indices lose 20% of their values from their highs. This is, admittedly, a frustrating answer, since if you are holding stocks, by the time you know it's a bear market you may have accumulated major losses. On the other hand, if you had sold out and it turns out to be just a correction, you will kick yourself for having sold out prematurely. Ah, if we could only know in advance.


Here is my thinking. I don't mind being on the sidelines. If it's a correction, then following the bottom of the correction ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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