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Richard's Remarks


The election is history, so now it can be told -- Obama won the popular voter by a slight margin of 51% to 48%.


But in the electoral vote, where it counts, Obama slaughtered Romney by a vote of 332 to 206.


Attention now centers on whether the nation does or does not go over the fiscal cliff. My thinking is as follows: If the politicians allow the nation to go over the fiscal cliff, there will be such outrage on the part of the voters that every single politician's re-election will be in jeopardy. On the basis of that, my guess is that the politicians will put off the imposition of the fiscal cliff to some months "in the future." In other words, from the standpoint of their own personal safety, the politicians won't let it happen on its current schedule.


What about the market? The stock market will be forced to judge ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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