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Richard's Remarks


Ten and even five years ago friends used to kid me about my obsession with gold. But with gold rising for over a decade, friends don't kid me anymore. Now I ask my friends whether they ever bought any gold. The answer is almost always, "No," and they add, "Is it too late? How high do you think gold is going?"


My answer is -- "No, It's not too late. The real move lies somewhere ahead. Besides, you asked me the wrong question."


Friend -- "OK, Russell, what's the right question?"


Me -- "The right question is -- how low do you think the dollar will go?"


Friend -- "OK, I'll ask you -- how low will the dollar go?"


Me -- "I think that in time the dollar will be destroyed. You will live to see the dollar as an unwanted fiat currency, which, by the way, will end up as a museum piece and ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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