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Richard's Remarks


This is going to be an abbreviated site, since it's only a matter of days until the presidential election, and I don't expect too much of real significance to take place until the election is over.


Yesterday (Wednesday) gave me nothing to conclude as far as any trend of the market is concerned. I counted the Dow going from plus to minus and back to plus and then minus 17 times. Finally, I gave up on my counting. I was particularly interested to see how Facebook would fare with its first tranche of locked-up insiders free to sell their shares. This was supposed to be a test of what insiders thought of FB's future. Actually, FB didn't do badly -- it closed down only .83 to 21.11. A second and even bigger tranche of FB shares will be free to be traded on November 14. Who knows, maybe FB has found ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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