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Richard's Remarks


QE1 and QE2 did not work. Now we're on "QE3 to infinity," and I don't yet know if it's working. Actually, I don't think QE3 will be activated until after the election.


Bernanke believes that if you throw enough money at a primary bear market, you can turn it into a primary bull market. But while Bernanke is working his theory, inflation is heating up, although you wouldn't know it from the government's phoney statistics.


Bernanke's theory is that if he can safely float the US economy across the treacherous third and fourth quarters with the aid of "super-QE," then after that the economy can flourish on its own without the Fed's help. Personally, I "hope" (hate that word) he's right, but I believe the stock market will guide us correctly through the coming period.


Bernanke's "Operation Twist" was put in place to buy long-dated bonds while raising the money needed by selling ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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