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Richard's Remarks


I had an interesting and perhaps fateful dream last night. In the dream I was "told" by an ancient, wise woman to forget all my theories of manipulation (accusations that I can't prove) and just to accept the market action at face value. When I awoke, I concluded that the dream was telling me something important, and I decided that maybe it would be valuable to abide by what the dream had "told me."


So now l want to talk about the market, while simply accepting the market on the basis of what I see, rather than making excuses for action that I am suspicious of.


Yesterday, the Transportation Average crashed by over 100 points. But what was constructive was that in the face of the Transport crash, the Dow closed down only 25 points. That suggested strength in the Dow in that the Dow had largely ignored the frightening action of ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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