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Richard's Remarks


"Gold Can Save Us From Disaster." Yes, that's the title of the editorial in the October 22 issue of Forbes magazine. The article insists that gold must be freed from the onerous taxes placed on gold by the US government. The Fed wants its fiat currency to be the only legal tender, and therefore it does not want gold to be legal tender. Thus, the US government is forcing Americans (against the explicit dictates of the US Constitution) to use the Fed's fiat currency as our only legal tender.


This outrage, says Forbes, has got to be changed, and Americans must be allowed to use gold and silver as legal tender for the payment of all debts. Gold is our only protection against the wild printing of junk currency by the Federal Reserve. Thus, gold, says Forbes can save us from disaster.


Russell Comment -- When enough Americans object to the US ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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