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Richard's Remarks


Let's start with the basic unit -- the US dollar. Below we see a chart of the dollar as of yesterday's close. The dollar hit a recent low of 78.60 and then rallied. I thought the rally was going to be a good one, and that maybe the dollar would better its two moving averages -- but now I'm not so sure. The dollar looks tired and rather bedraggled, and now I'm doubting whether the dollar is going to touch its 50-day MA, which stands at 81.28.


The question is asked, "Would Ben Bernanke sacrifice the dollar in order to get the Dow and employment moving UP?" The answer is that "So far, it seems he would." And suppose Bernanke, in his mad effort to get the Dow and US employment UP, managed only to raise US inflation and lower the US dollar?


I've asked this before: "Is Ben Bernanke certifiably nuts, ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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