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Richard's Remarks


I almost hesitate to read the newspapers these days. White slavery, robberies, lies, corruption, shootings, hold-ups, murders, thievery, prostitution, convictions, insider trading, manipulations. Have the times changed? Or is it just more vigorous and determined reporting? What was the title of that song? Oh, I remember, it was "Stop the World, I Want to Get off."


At any rate, let's start with two key charts. The first is the US dollar shown below. With the Fed spewing its fiat, phoney dollars like a heavy rain over the earth, the US dollar sank below 79. But wait -- more recently we see a rally to just below 80. Is the dollar reviving? If so, it's not due to the Fed's "open-spigot forever" policy.





Below we see three declining tops on the bellwether 10-year T-note. And look, the T-note has just rallied to above its 50-day MA. Is the T-note in the process of turning ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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