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Richard's Remarks


I'm convinced that I am right about Bernanke wanting to bull the Dow higher on the basis that Bernanke wants to ensure that the Dow is up two months prior to the election (this on the basis that if the Dow is up during the two months prior to the election, the incumbent almost always wins). And, of course, if the Dow is up during the two months before the election, Obama will almost surely be the winner.


The talk is that if Romney wins, he will fire Bernanke, so it's obvious that Bernanke would far prefer an Obama win.


All of which leaves us wondering whether the Fed can engineer a two-month rise in the Dow, and in so doing, ensure an almost certain Obama victory.


So the stock market remains a bet on whether or not the Fed will be successful in manipulating the Dow higher during September and October. ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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