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Richard's Remarks


Subscribers may wonder why I often talk about therapy. Most of the people in the world suffer from fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, bitterness, resentment, sorrow, depression, and various other emotions which can mar their lives. The majority of these emotions are holdovers from damaged or traumatic infancies.


I was brought up in the early 1920s. In those days parents were taught by doctors to feed infants by the clock, not when the infant was famished and screaming with hunger. In those days, infants were not tended and comforted when they needed warmth and attention. They were often tended by nurses and allowed to "cry themselves out," thus leaving parents with plenty of free time of their own. I had damaged parents, which affected me very negatively. My mother's mother died in childbirth when my mom was two years old. So my mom grew up without a mother, and as a result, ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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