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Richard's Remarks


The Fed is scratching its head. Why isn't the darn QE working? What does it take to move the US economy UP? Ah, they've decided -- what it takes is more and more and more QE or money-printing. So the new Fed program will be "QE to infinity," or the endless punch bowl -- the Fed will do whatever it takes -- for as long as it takes. The Fed will shovel $40 billion a month into the economy, and it will continue Operation Twist, and it will keep rates low until the mid-year 2015. The Fed's theory -- QE to infinity, at worst, will drive stocks higher, and higher stocks should cause consumers to become more optimistic, and if they are more optimistic, well, maybe they will loosen their purse strings -- and buy, buy, buy, thereby pushing the US economy due north. So Bernanke and the Fed committee are ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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