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Richard's Remarks


Do you have a son or a daughter in college, who is wondering what to major in? I'm thinking that geriatric medicine is the coming field. I say this because the population of the US is growing steadily older, and as a result, always dealing with more medical troubles. My sister, Kate, has long complained that she feels "woozy" when she walks. Now I have the same problem. In a test, my doctor took my blood pressure when I was sitting down, and again when I was standing. He noted that my blood pressure dropped a bit when I was standing. "This is liable to make you feel light-headed when you are standing," the doc told me. Now I know what that woozy feeling is. It only occurs when I'm walking or standing. When I am lying down, the world stands still with me. Therefore, you oldsters, if you have that ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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