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Richard's Remarks


Job growth slowed (once again) in August -- this could mute any momentum for Obama and spur the Fed to take steps to jazz up the economy. Russell view -- Despite almost every newspaper headline predicting that the Fed will or must take action, I'm not convinced that the Fed will move. Bernanke will keep hoping that some way, some how, employment will pick up.


Note - If millions of discouraged job-seekers had not left the workforce since the recovery began in June 2009, unemployment would be 11.2%.



How about this crazy, puzzle? Let's take that the stock market is prescient, that it can see ahead of the event. If Obama is fated to win the election, I think the stock market would be selling off. Why? The reason -- the stock market does not like Obama or the Democrats, because the Dems want to tax the hell out of the wealthy. BUT ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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