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Richard's Remarks


Enter Miss Annabelle. Daughter, Daria, had a dream of a black cat with white spots. Daria often acts on her dreams. She assumes that dreams may be messages from God. Daria looked on the local Humane Society website and saw a black spotted cat that looked like the one from her dream. So Daria called and said, "Hold that cat," and she headed for the Humane Society. When I came home there was daughter Daria with the new cat. "Her name is Annabelle, and she's old," announced Daria, "and she's missing one hind leg" (I think it was congenital, not an accident). "What am I going to do with an old three-legged black cat?" I wailed. "I'm only into dogs." Explained Daria, "I thought she'd keep you company." So now I'm the proud owner of a three-legged old cat named Annabelle. Oh yes, I've learned not to argue with Daria and ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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