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Richard's Remarks


It looks as though from now on, all the talk and attention will be on the presidential election. The following are my thoughts on the subject.

To begin with, I think the election is Romney's to lose. In the end, voters vote their emotions. They vote for the man they like, and the man they think will do them the most good. When Mitt was governor of Massachusetts he supported abortion, gun control, looking into climate change, and the thesis that everyone should buy health insurance. But how many people know that or remember that. My guess, not one in five hundred.

I call this election the "unemployment election." Americans know that unemployment is high, and it scares them. Furthermore, Americans don't see that Obama has done anything to help employment.

Which is why I say, it's Romney's election to lose. Normally, Obama would lose the election with his dismal unemployment record. Furthermore, ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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